"elleven" Commemorated Its Eighth Anniversary, On March 11

- . On March 11, elleven for Communication and Public Relations Company held a celebration in Riyadh to commemorate its eighth anniversary. A number of experts in the corporate communication and PR fields, as well as members of the company's staff, attended at the event.

. . In order to accomplish a shared objective with the customer, "elleven" is focused on creating and improving the communication process for both organizations and individuals. This is done by utilizing all available resources as well as the most up-to-date media and technology.

The company witnessed a number of major turning points along the way, beginning with its establishment on March 11, 2015, and ending with the creation of the "Sollywood" website, which focused on movies, in late 2017.

The company launched three specialized platforms in 2019: the "Inblag" platform, which aims to add video clips to Arabic content on social media; the "You" channel, which specializes in documentary videos; and the "Abneya" website, which focuses on news and developments in the construction and real estate industries.

In 2020, elleven accomplished three significant milestones: first, it published the first issue of "Sollywood Editions," a publication focused on the film industry; second, it launched the "AI in Arabic" website, which covers AI news; and third, it released the "elleven" digital weekly.

In order to improve knowledge and science in this subject for Arabic speakers, it published "An insight on AI" in April 2021. This publication highlighted the most recent trends in AI and its related sciences, as well as the most recent practices.

. . The company enjoys Government organizations and major companies in the private and third sectors, Saudi Arabia.

The company provides many communication services, including building effective strategies to communicate in a positive way for companies, institutions or bodies, organizations and nations, in addition to managing crises and communication risks through proactive strategic plans that help in making the appropriate decision when damage occurs.

In terms of media monitoring, the business offers in-depth reports on clients' use of audio, visual, electronic, and social media, keeps an eye on rivals' news, and offers specialized news reports to watch trends influencing business operations.

. . elleven take over. Preparing specialized periodicals, in order to disseminate the social, economic and cultural impact of the partners, in addition to providing marketing and communication studies, given their role in building effective marketing and communication strategies.

In the field of reputation management, the company works with its partners to develop programs to enhance digital reputation, in addition to communicating with the media, especially during strategic events such as press conferences, seminars and other forms of gathering, on behalf of the entities in communicating with the media for publication, and ensuring the status of the message in its proper context.

. . Through the creation of specialized material authored by a team of practitioners and specialists, "elleven" offers innovative content management solutions. This is accomplished by offering strategies, authoring content, managing accounts on various digital platforms, and managing communication campaigns.

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